Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mission Impossible

asks us to use the words in blue

All people sing around the world,
But they all sing different songs,
Warbling away about the land
 In which each group belongs.
National anthems for each spot,
Are belted out with zest,
In praise of the little bit of dirt
Each group considers best.
They sing in different languages,
They adhere to different creeds;
They have their different customs
And they have their different needs.
Even singing all together
In a great almighty choir,
They'd still all be at loggerheads;
Self-interest would inspire.
The Tower of Babel once was built;
We live in it today,
And, far into the future,
We'll go on the same way.
I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony,
But I haven't got a hope in hell
As far as  can see.


There's nothing wrong with dressing-up;
Nothing wrong with being pretty.
But the colour pink has taken-hold
In a way I think a pity.
Women have fought for equality
Ever since time began.
Not that they want to be masculine,
Always aping a man;
But because they want to be themselves,
Not assigned to a 'female' box.
And the pinking of femininity
Is what, quite honestly, shocks.
Little girls should be tom-boys,
If that's their inclination.
And infantile sexuality
Is just an abomination!
From the age of two our girls are taught
'Be pretty for nothing else matters',
As for growing into girlishness,
Well, that idea's in tatters!
'Pink for a girl and blue for a boy'
Has always been the saying,
But it was meant for new-borns,
Not little girls when they're playing.
All this gauze and tinsel stuff
Looks tacky, well and truly!
What's wrong with a little hoyden
Who's inclined to be unruly?
So Shocking Pink, for me, at least,
Means brain-washing half of youth.
All boys should be forced to dress in blue!
Stupid? Ain't that the truth!


Nonna said...

Great rhyme/poem and use of the prompt !

Although I believe the Mission is Possible,starting with the individual being taught kindness, peace and love in the home.

Ames said...

This was very nice. I started thinking Tower of Babel a soon as I started reading it! The Hoodwinked Pink is adorable!~Ames

Kim Lehnhoff said...

Love the poem! If we could all practice The Golden Rule, maybe we could sing one song, together.

Dazee Dreamer said...

It may seem like a mission impossible, but it could happen. you and I were on the same wavelength.

Christine said...

Great take on Jenny's prompt. Really enjoyed this.

Susan Anderson said...

Great poem. I really enjoyed it.

(And the kid gender stereotypes one, too!)


Judie said...

What a great poem! You really nailed the prompt.

jabblog said...

Maybe all world leaders should be forced to take voice lessons and sing in a communal choir . . .
'Pretty in pink' can be overdone, but I like boys in pink, too, though not in dresses;-)

21 Wits said...

we can sing it in a song, we can word to a poem...we just have to keep on giving in our world...oh yeah....every corner we touch! Thanks for this excellent!

cj Schlottman said...

Beautifully done - and so timely. You have a great ways with words!


Jenny said...

Hoodwink pink. I thought I was the only one that felt that way. It seems like so many women just want to be barbie dolls. We're going backward in this area, I truly believe.

And your top poem. Absolutely perfect. Maybe the trick we need to do is to just teach a circle of 50 to sing...If we all did it eventually it might overlap!

Wonderful post!

Thank you!