Thursday, May 5, 2011




Sometimes the dazzle of the sun and the sea
Obscure the more mundane beneath our feet.
Here is a humdrum beachside view, with all the colour bleached,
Devoid of blue and green, and breeze and heat.
And, suddenly, the sandstone reveals itself to us,
With curves and shadows, like a piece of art,
And greenery and waves recede from their normal centre-stage,
While sandstone plays the most important part.



Mirror, Mirror by the River
Where the ruffled waters quiver,
Aren't you rather oddly based,
In a childrens playground placed?
We view you strangely as we pass;
There isn't even any glass!
We look right through you to the view!
Mirrors are not for looking through!
But little children now arrive!
Suddenly you come alive
As they run from side to side;
Hiding where they cannot hide,
Jumping through you, making faces,
Acting tough with rude grimaces;
Primping, prattling and pretending.
Your uses now are never-ending.
Why! I hear a Snow-White call
'Mirror! Mirror! On the wall!'


Linda said...

lovely photography here!! You have a terrific blog - happy to have found you to follow!

PJ said...

It's a wonderful landscape, love it.