Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shadow Puppets



Their stage an ordinary blind,
With the light of the setting sun behind.
My study catches the evening sun
Which brilliantly dazzles everyone,
So, after tea, I dim the light
So I can read or type or write.
Memorabilia on the sill
Shows in silhouette until
The sun goes down behind the trees
And I can raise the blind on these
Little ornaments once more,
Seeing them as they were before.
A trinket box, from who knows where,
A ballet dancer with hand in air,
And a baby doll, in a crocheted dress,
A gift that brought me happiness.
All items from an earlier age,
Suddenly acting centre-stage.



Table Mountain! The glorious Cape!
The Cape Flats beneath the blue.
The shanty-town may be everyday,
But oh what a gorgeous view!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Both writing capture a trip down memory lane. Enjoyed the last line, could almost see the ornaments dancing in the shadows.