Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the Pink



Four pink hats among the others,
Worn by all the giddy grandmothers!
Here's our Choir, decked out for the day,
Waiting for Lois to sit and play.
She's our pianist, on the right,
She bosses, and we put up a fight.
Pam, on the left, in a hat of gold,
Also says 'Do as you're told.'
But the older we get, the worse we are.
Sometimes she says we go too far!
We'd no idea life would be fun
When it was nearly over and done!
A happy photo, don't you think!
And all of us are In The Pink!



My life as a cloud isn't easy;
I'm blown this way and that when it's breezy.
When I'm longing to drift,
That old wind starts to shift,
And I'm tossed here and there till I'm queasy!
The wind keeps on changing its mind!
It's hither and thither, I find.
First it blows to the West,
Then it thinks East is best.
The trajectory's never defined!
When I think that we'll head out to sea,
Where we'll float unencumbered and free,
It's back over the land!
No direction is planned!
Oh dear! Now we're off again!


Life has been full and pleasant during the last few days but I'm having camera problems so I haven't photographic evidence.  I conducted my U3A poetry session on Tuesday. I took along copies of blog-poems (other peoples') which had been written in response to memes and the different approaches and techniques were discussed. This made for a lovely meeting. In the afternoon, we enjoyed our monthly Scrabble session. On  Wednesday I went out to lunch with Malcolm's Probus Club. We booked a private room at the Beaches Hotel looking out over the sea, so it was a delightful venue as well as a great social occasion. The weather has been glorious lately so the view was sparkling. Yesterday the Merry Mellows met to organise the choral part of our next show, getting a tape prepared for practices. This was very entertaining as well as being useful.

Then, at night. a great thrill when Rebecca took me to the City Hall to hear the Soweto Choir. This was a delayed birthday present and well-worth the wait. The singing was unbelievable, and the personalities of the singers infectiously joyous, while the costumes were a riot of colour. Thank you, Becca.

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The Artful Diva said...

You certainly know how to have a good time. You and your friends are a hoot!