Sunday, May 15, 2011




Read the notice and be sad,
Or be hopeful and then glad.
It's several weeks since I saw this sign;
I couldn't help thinking 'If she were mine
I'd long for the darling to be found.
I'd wish her home with me, safe and sound."
Lost on the station! What dreadful fate
Could that little girl anticipate?
Let us hope that they're done with weeping
And that she's at home now quietly sleeping.


'You are my sunshine'.....There's a song
That strikes a chord with me.
Long ago I had a sister,
Just one in my family tree.
She was a good deal older;
She left home when I was young,
But down through all the passing years
I've heard her praises sung.
She had a lovely nature,
And a really delightful laugh.
Yet all that now remains of her
Is a faded photograph.
For she died fifty years ago,
When she was in her prime.
And I think of her more often
With the passing of the time.
She was a nurse in Scotland
And that was where she died,
And I travelled there with my parents,
To be there at their side.
The church was full of nurses
Who had come to say goodbye,
And many were overcome with grief;
I know I saw some cry.
And, suddenly, they started singing........
'You are my sunshine' was the song.
And, in those days, secular music,
Simply didn't quite belong
At a religious service.
Which was solemn and subdued.
A pop song sung at a funeral!
Surely that was crude!
They told me, after the funeral,
That that was her theme song;
The patients used to sing it
Whenever she came along.
She brought sunshine to so many;
It's tragic that she died.
And her sister now pens this poem
With a sudden rush of pride.

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