Thursday, May 12, 2011



Quite arresting, the deck-chair slats,
A nice resting-place for passing cats!
All sea-sidy  (and by the sea),
Some restaurant-owner's fantasy!
Hardly comfy! All stiff but sloping!
As a site for leisure it isn't coping.
But a leafy shade has begun to crawl
Over the slats to soften them all.
Cushions would offer a sense of rest.
But leafy shadows are doing their best!


'Green Vegetation'. That's a phrase that brings to mind tall trees,
With trunks and branches and bright leaves all blowing in the breeze.
But Beach Regeneration brings a rather gentle sort of green,
One that's often overlooked, from a distance quite unseen.
Here there's a drama going on, an invasion, nothing less!
'Beating Back the Bitou Bush!'
Doesn't that impress?
Read of all the hours of work that have gone into this 'war'
To make the beach Australian as it always was before.
Our city owes a great deal to such tireless volunteers,
Who have been 'greening' our beaches not for days but years!

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