Friday, May 6, 2011

It's A Puzzlement!

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When I was young I'd lie in bed
With questions circling in my head.
The answers, I felt very sure,
Were 'somewhere' so I felt secure.
I knew that when I was full-grown
The answer to 'everything' would be known.
Were little green men out in Space?
Or were we the only 'human' race?
Did Space go on for ever more?
Whatever were the planets for?
Questions like these went round and round
And, though no answers, then, were found,
I didn't worry  for I planned
To be an adult and understand.
Grown-ups knew what was false and true,
And I would be all-knowing too.
Like jigsaw pieces wildly scattered
Lay all the answers that really mattered,
And, when I grew, I knew that I
Would find the 'trees', the 'rooves' ,the 'sky'
And there would be a perfect scene
Where only questioning had been.
How wrong I was! The years have flown
And older and older I have grown,
And still the bits make little sense,
No more than they did in my innocence.
I'll close the box, put on the lid,
Knowing less than I ever did.


Gourmet Jellybeans? What a hoot!
That's how they advertised them.
But, sure enough, they were full of fruit,
And so we gourmandised them!

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Darlene said...

Very wise poem. The older I get the less I know.