Monday, May 9, 2011

Frock Shock

supplied the first line.

A man thought it time to take stock
So he thought he'd go out in a frock.
He tripped over his skirt
And fell down in the dirt
And knocked himself out on a rock.


(It's been around a long time but I felt like making a comment!)

Chicken-talk but, oh dear me,
Is that a grain of truth I see?
If I drop my Blog into conversation,
Whatever may be my motivation,
A glassy look comes into the eyes
Of those I consider kind and wise!
They shuffle their feet and look away
And can't think of anything to say!
'Have you read it?' I say, all eager,
But their response is really meager!
If they, brusquely, answer 'No!'
I haven't anywhere to go!
'Sometimes' some mutter, all of a fluster,
With all the enthusiasm they can muster.
'Once or twice' may be the reply;
That means they've read me but wonder why!
'Not recently'; oh what a cop-out!
I'm talking to someone who's a drop-out!
'What's a Blog?'; an honest reaction,
But not one that gives me satisfaction!
One either Blogs or one does not;
Some people just don't care a jot,
While others think the human race
Resides up there in cyberspace!
I try to bite my tongue at times;
I will not mention Rinkly Rimes!
But then my very real fixation
Slips into my conversation!
I could kick myself for being rash,
So self-centred, smug and brash,
And I make-up my mind, with might and main.....
I'll never mention it again!
But...'Have you read my Blog yet?' Damn!
That's how very loose-lipped I am!
As to the other hen's riposte,
I'll simply say to her
'Get lost!'

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