Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A little psycholgy talk today!
Babies give themselves away
In a certain situation
That may give cause for hesitation.
Masks on parents sometimes scare,
But some babies just don't care!
Try a mask when with your child.
Does he scream and grow quite wild?
Or does he grin and pat your face,
Showing not a single trace
Of fear or terror? Is he calm,
Showing no sign of alarm?
The screaming ones grow up to be
Careful members of society;
Wary, timid, careful, too;
Nervous when there's something new.
The cheerful ones will, in a flash,
Launch themselves into something rash!
There's for and against both types of child.
The one who's rather meek and mild
May always conform and hesitate,
Never daring till it's too late.
On the other hand he'll be quite strong
In rejecting all things wrong.
He'll be a citizen of renown
And never let his parents down!
The headstrong ones will be fool-hardy,
Never backward, never tardy.
They'll throw themselves into sport and school,
Winning prizes as a rule.
They'll be fearless and admired
For for all the skills that they've acquired.
But they're the ones who'll cause concern
Because they'll be so slow to learn
That fast cars, drugs and other thrills
Can be the cause of nasty spills!
Parents realise, from the start,
That such children often break a heart.
So let us hope you have children who
Grow up half-way between the two.
You want a baby who starts off scared
Then joins in a big joke that's shared!

Seen on a walk along the track....
The ferns all in full leaf.
Which made me think back to the past
And a very strange belief.
How could the ferns be propagated?
Seeds did not exist!
Maybe the seeds were invisible!
Then they could be missed!
Shakespeare believed this theory
In 'Henry IV, Act Two',
He speaks of the invisible seeds
So he believed it true.
Another interesting point
Of which I've recently heard
Is that seed was only collectible 
On June 23rd!
At all other times the goblins
Snatched the precious seeds
Or caused them to drop on the ground
Among the twigs and weeds!
The discovery of spores, of course,
Ruined this charming theory;
A scientist called Lindsay
Gave the answer to the query.
What a lot of history
Attached to the humble fern!
(The more I blog, the more I read,
And, also, the more I learn!)
I had a great time yesterday! I went to a mens' Probus Club to give a talk on 'My Life in Africa'. It was quite a serious talk and they all listened attentively, but they were prepared to enjoy a joke too. Old men are really nice people.

With me fooling about after the talk.
(Especially for Pam and she'll know why.)


Felisol said...

Love your post of many colors.
I'll just comment on the red nose part though.
A mask is scary because it doesn't have any mimicry, facial expression. A face with a red nose has a known mimicry,eyecontact, hopefully also a known voice.
Children use all these signs to identify close relations as parents.

Masks are taking away means of identifications and therefore often frightening.
Goodbye, Santa.

Kim, USA said...

Happy men happy folks!! Love your poem!

Red Barn

forgetmenot said...

I think your poem has "hit the nail on the head". Give yourself an A+ in Psychology! Great post. Mickie :)

Mel_Cole said...

Love your choice of poem. Fantastic captures by the way. Would love you to visit my Ruby Tuesday page here.

Gunsside said...

Like your poem this week, a great post ;))