Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In The Flesh

asks us to use 'grin, naked, and jumble'


What makes you grin in the bathroom?
Is it the sight of your naked self,
Poised to take potions and lotions
Down from the bathroom shelf?
When your clothes are all of a jumble,
Lying creased on the bathroom floor,
And you're standing pink and vulnerable,
Do you wish for less or more?
How many of us smile with pleasure?
How many of us love the view?
Instead of 'Hallelujah!'
How many of us cry 'Boo Hoo!'?
Not a grin but a wince of displeasure
Greets my bathroom pose.
All I can say is 'Thank goodness
Somebody invented clothes!'


When I was young I lived my life
In a churchy atmosphere.
My father was a lay-reader
And he always made it clear
That Church was a very solemn place
Where flippancy was hidden,
And girlish giggles (there were lots)
Were certainly forbidden.
The hymns were always beautiful
But verging on funereal
And the ambience was theatrical
But also quite ethereal.
Recently I was in a church
To read some poetry.
'You can hop up to the lectern!'
The vicar said to me!
'But my poetry's very secular!'
I quickly then demurred.
'Some of my verses may sound wrong!
Are you sure they should be heard?'
'Go right ahead!' He gave a grin,
'We're now part of society!
I'm sure that you wont offer us
The slightest impropriety.'
For a moment I felt quite non-plussed
As I stood above the crowd!
Me and that golden eagle!
How could it be allowed!
But all went well and I relaxed.
I soon felt at my ease.
Not as though I and the venue
Were as different as chalk and cheese!
Later, when I considered it
I wondered how I'd have gone,
In the years of dour solemnity
I now look back upon,
If there'd been a bit of fun about,
A little bit of mirth,
A little nod, just now and then,
To the earthiness of earth.
Would I have turned away from Church
As I did without a doubt,
If I'd have felt relaxed within
As I did, I know, without?
There was I, in my new red jacket,
'Scarlet woman' or just plain me?
I know my Dad came to my mind!
I was glad he couldn't see!


Nara Malone said...

Lol! Love your 3WW. Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Just loved the 3WW piece. Divinely fun.

Sheilagh Lee said...

both of this so true. wonderful work.

Amanda said...


Great job. I have to say I'd be a lot more willing to attend church if they'd read such poems there. :)

VL Sheridan said...

When I look in the mirror, I'm always grateful I wait to put my lenses in! And the second piece about reading your poem in church was brilliant! What a wonderful vicar!

Old Egg said...

The bathroom verse was hilarious. The poetry in church too was great but I am sure your father would have been proud.

Christine said...

Always good for a giggle, I like to see my self naked, in the dark.

Altonian said...

Still keeping up the standard I see. The bath room poem was spot on - for some. I liked your 'churchey' one rather more.

Lilibeth said...

I loved the bathroom made me giggle and it is so true. We never like what we see...especially as we get older. The church one was sad, for me. I'm sorry your memories are so solemn. Personally, I practically grew up in the church, and my memories are more of love and laughter than fear and fatigue. Even today I like to walk into a church and sit quietly in the pew, reverent and submissive to that sacred feeling...even a church I never knew.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to the invention of clothes...I'm afraid I'd run out of fig leaves!

As for the second's never too late to find a "home" in a church that suits you.

Both...well written!! :)

Alice Audrey said...

I try not to look.

Anonymous said...

The first one was so cute. Loved it! I tell myself I look like everyone else and not to worry too much. I really don't know what everyone else looks like but I can't be that different I am human lol I think we should enjoy our faith (whatever it may be) not suffer it. I am sorry that it was such a solemn experience for you.

Anonymous said...

The first poem was spot on! And the second one... well, I've been there with the doleful droning hymns, and no fun allowed, nary a giggle or a snort to be heard. Then again, it's much better with a great speaker at the front.

Jess PJ said...

3WW was cute and well done.
the second was very true and thought provoking. the seriousness of the matter does lead people to other religions, or no religion.