Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twin Twubbles

supplied the illustration.

(A Poem for Little Children.)

The Kitty twins were feeling down,
For Mama Cat had gone to town.
They were missing her soft fur,
Gentle tongue and soothing purr.
The Dutchy twins were passing by,
And heard the kittens’ mournful cry;
Saw them mewing, looking cold,
A sorry picture to behold.
The Dutchy twins said ‘Our big hats
Make lovely nests for little cats!
We’ll take them off, then you can hide,
Warm and cosy down inside’
The Dutchy twins said ‘You’ll be warm,
Sheltered from the wind and storm.
When Mama comes, then you can boast
That you have been as warm as toast.’
When Mama Cat came home that day
She thought her twins had run away!
But soon she found them way down deep
In little Dutch hats, lying fast asleep.


Fear not for the future, weep not for the past;
This day you now are living may prove to be your last!
So live it to its zenith! Don't look back and regret!
Don't yearn for future wonders; such yearnings make one fret,
Comparing it with the present, which may fall short of your dreams;
Since wealth and health and happiness are not yours in extremes.
Take this day for what it is, a snap-shot of your life,
With a little drop of ecstasy, and a little pinch of strife.
If you look back with nostalgia it may seem that days gone by
Held a delicious promise that's since proved just a lie.
If you look into the future you may fear catastrophe
That is purely theoretical, and may never come to be!
In your hand you hold a miracle, part anguished and part pleasant.
A jewel of existence that we speak of as The Present.


signed...bkm said...

A great place for two twins kittens to hide...from the Mama...very nice and delightful images Rinkly...thank you..bkm

tess said...

You have an incredible narrative talent. I just don't know how you come up with these stories. Such a hoot!