Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Passion



Pink bedrooms fascinate me (also they don't appeal)
But the question that I'm asking is 'How does the male sex feel?'
I know if I were invited into a macho pad,
(Which, at eighty, just won't happen and that makes me sort of glad),
I'd be 'put-off' the whole excursion if the bed was like a car
And the walls were liberally pasted with a busty movie star,
If the sheets were patterned with golf-balls, and the curtains motor-bikes,
And the whole room reeked of perfumes which only the male-sex likes.
(I refer to Eau de Petrol, and Essence of Garden Shed
And the unmistakable fragrance of a rarely made-up bed.)
Now boudoir-colour is pretty pink, with hints of purply-mauve,
And little itsy-bitsy things from some girlie fairy-grove.
There are roses on the wall-paper and the sheets are palest pink
And the wind-chimes in the corner give a feminine little chink.
There are tinsy bits of underthings thrown casually on a chair.
(I'd try that too, but oh my dear, you should see my underwear!)
There's perfume sprayed on everything, all of it flower-based,
And nothing flowery-bowery is allowed to go to waste.
Now, does a male delight in this? Does it make him feel more male?
Or does the pretty-pinkness make him shudder and turn-tail?
"An unnecessary question!" ( My readers speak on cue.)
"Anything at all will do!
 He's not looking at the view!'


Great big buildings! Grown-up toys!
Quite a thrill for little boys!
Mum and Dad went to HongKong
And they took their little sons along.
Is it a thrill that they'll recall
When buildings shrink and they are tall?

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