Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the Other Hand

suggests the theme 'On the Other Hand'

(A bit of politics from an ignoramus.)

The world is uncertain right now;
The villain's been slaughtered....... but how?
On the one hand we're feeling relieved,
But which touted version's believed?
An unarmed assailant is dead
Because he's been shot in the head.
His body's been dumped in the sea
And New York has erupted in glee.
A trial would have put him on show
And the world could have watched, blow by blow.
Conspiracy theories abound 
And lots more will be flying around.
Justice should be on display
Or doubts simply wont go away.
ON THE OTHER HAND if he'd been caught
And given his day in a court,
Supporters, world wide, would have said
Our Great Leader will never be dead!
We'll riot and cause great alarm
If you do him one bit of harm.
Atrocities would have been rife
If there'd been some preserving of life.
The trial would have gone on for years
Increasing the terror and fears.
His grave would have changed to a shrine
As his cohorts continued to pine.
The drama would have gone on and on
Long after this period has gone.
Whatever the leaders may do,
They'll always bemuse me and you!
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


When I was young I had a book,
In which I often used to look.
The pictures, in an olden style,
Would make me cry and make me smile.
I lost the book in War's alarms,
But still I pondered on its charms.
The story was forgotten too,
As old books were replaced by new.
I only knew that there were crows,
Lined up in trees in long dark rows.
And I recall the plaintive cry,
As crows sent mourning notes on high.
As I recall, they coud not rest;
Their fledglings murdered in the nest.
A morbid tale for childrens' eyes,
And yet the theme was very wise.
The words that always touched me so?
'There is no joy unmixed with woe.'
And all through life it has been so;
'There is no joy unmixed with woe.'


Unknown said...

So very true on that first write... sad but true. Love the second! Thanks for stopping by.

Margaret Gosden said...

And why do we have to keep seeing his image, as previously known, every time there is a new revelation, one wonders.