Monday, May 23, 2011



asks us for some Random Information.


I don't tell everyone this,
So don't you pass it on.
My family may hear of it
And my cover will be gone.
I've a passion for all left-overs,
Provided they're not too old;
And I'm particularly partial
To hot food that's gone cold.
Last thing at night, before bed-time,
I  go on a cold-food-raid;
The house is full of shadows,
But I am not afraid.
If I chomp on a cold potato,
My pleasure is manifest.
There! I feel much better
Now that I've confessed!
Some people confess to murder,
Some people to multiple rape;
I merely admit to snaring
A potato that couldn't escape!



Sometimes I simply can't believe that I wore a uniform
And in the Navy sailed away to sea!
It seems so long ago that it's like another world,
And the pictured girl is quite another me.
My uniform was navy, but that was Cold Weather style;
In the Tropics we were dressed in pristine white.
I took care of the children as we sailed to Africa;
Enjoying all the partying at night.
I was counted as an Officer, though a very lowly one,
The food was great, the company as well.
It was a great adventure, and one I won't forget.
And it left me with some anecdotes to tell!


Whitesnake said...

I would really have liked to comment on ya COT post but I couldn'T.......sigh!

Anonymous said...

What a beauty!

Salem Lorot said...

Ha ha ha. I love the way you 'justify' the small little problem. This lit me up.