Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Delicate Touch

                                                                                    Helen Hyde



In this world of bold and brash,
Zoom and clatter, boom and crash,
It's nice when something makes us pause,
And view a life, not without flaws,
But delicate and full of whimsy,
Pastel painted, frail and flimsy.
This lady in the pouring rain,
With her little girl in train,
Under a parasol of pink,
Makes us stop a while and think.
Great big puddles, wooden shoes,
May not be what we would choose.
But would she want our frenzied life,
Instant news of distant strife,
Constant doing, going, coming,
Traffic ever roaring, humming?
No, she'd rather click her way
Through a damp and dismal day,
Holding baby safe and dry
And, maybe, crooning a lullaby.



We tend to think 'au naturel' is always the way to go,
But take a look at our lovely Lake Macquarie!
When we came here to Australia many years ago
The edges of the lake were sad and sorry.
The Lake was a thing of beauty, as you see it is today,
But mud was a feature, as were noxious weeds;
Till some bright spark suggested a lasting remedy:
'A cycle-track's exactly what it needs!'
So we now see the retaining walls, as far as the eye can see,
Built in a truly sympathetic way,
Following every natural curve, and skirting every tree,
Enhancing every turn and every bay.
We walk along the cycle-track,( I took this photo from it),
The pleasure that it brings makes my heart glad.
Nature's beautiful, I know, but it pays us to remember
That not everything that's man-made is all bad.

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