Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two Glasses

asks for a haiku with the theme 'Anniversary'


Two glasses of wine.
Both untouched by any lips.
Suddenly, you left!

(A haiku must contain three lines, with the syllabification 5,7,5)



Granny, off on a spree one day, went zooming down the highway.
Shouting to other vehicles 'Don't dare to get in my way!
All my life I longed to drive, but no-one ever taught me!
Now I'm eighty have a look at the vehicle they've bought me!
I've put my best coat on to honour this event.
And if I bump into motor cars they'll only get a dent!
I've suddenly found freedom! The wind blows in my hair!
Well, it would if I took my scarf off! I wonder if I dare!
I sound my little hooter! I try to get up speed!
Fuel of a higher octane is the thing I really need.
I'd love to find a race-track and do 'wheelies' with the boys!
Why should only young ones have the pleasure of fast toys?
Don't try to overtake me! I have the right of way!
Yippee! I'm an Old Age Pensioner! This is my lucky day!'

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