Monday, May 23, 2011

The Secret Conspiracy

asks us to enlarge on a quote about women

"Women are in league with each other, a secret conspiracy of hearts and pheromones. "
~Camille Paglia

Women are in league with each other; sisters in a world-wide club;
Unlike men who only bond with brothers when they meet them at the pub.
Women may fight and bicker; they often have a really vicious streak;
But one woman understands another; there is no need to speak.
Little girls have 'best friends' when they're children; friendship matters then.
But then comes all the sex-and-babies business and they merge with the world of men.
But soon they reach old age, 'the sunny uplands',  and, once more, they realise
That their 'girl-friends' are what makes the world keep turning; to have friends is to win the prize.
These ladies in the harem are all bonding, though they're not swapping recipes!
Throughout history we woman have been 'in league', and oh what a boon that is!


Imagine this stretch of water (it's the local children's pool),
With the water round your ankles, lisping sweet and cool.
With the little hexagons of light dancing away in the sun,
And your toes shimmering under the surface, wriggling every one.
Imagine the sand on the bottom, all squidgy as you stand.
Imagine the icing on the're holding my grandson's hand!
Ah, now you've got it! Happiness! I knew you'd get the feeling.
A stretch of the imagination and very, very appealing!

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