Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Blend

Just a TV Studio, but, when we're passing by,
We see the glass reflecting the blueness of the sky.
A cloud floats above the entrance, and trees are in silhouette,
While the blue on blue on blue is as blue as it can get.


The sound of the steel drums clashing,
The frills and the feathers flashing.
The dancers so lithe and dashing!
It must be Calypso time!
The rhythm so all pervading!
The colourful floats parading.
The laughter and masquerading!
It must be Calypso time!
The echoes of song and laughter!
The ringing of every rafter.
The romance and passion after.
It must be Calypso time!
The beads and display of feather!
The hot, Caribbean weather.
All people in tune together!
It must be Calypso time!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm visiting your blog via the 'Something Blue' bloghop.. what a beautiful post :)) see you again next week!! Melissa

SmilingSally said...

I really loved this one, Brenda! Thanks for sharing your blue on blue on blue!

Happy Blue Monday.

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful blue building!

Indigo bunting

Lesley said...

The blue on blue does look great - and you get lots of blue skies to complement this studio!

LV said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing all the blues you shared.