Monday, May 9, 2011

Brag Bag!



Isn't this a handsome grandson!
Don't all grandmothers like to brag?
Ask them about handsome grandsons
And you almost need a gag!
This is my Numero Uno;
I now have another two.
But I saw Blake in this blue shirt
I thought 'He'll do for Blue!'


I'm a black tom-cat, all sleek and fat.
A no-nonsense cat, never doubt that!
I eat fish-heads found in the gutter;
Stale bits of bread with rancid butter.
I howl with rage in the dead of night
To give old ladies an awful fright.
My name is Blade, a good strong name,
A name that puts pussy-cat names to shame.
My fur is as black as the jet black night,
And my eyes shine with a malevolant light.
I'm rough and tough and entirely male
From the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail.
But something's changed, I'm a ball of fur!
I love to cuddle! I love to purr!
I've never been in love before!
But now I've met Cinnamon, the cat next door!


LV said...

We are entitled to bragging rights. You have every right to be proud of this young fellow.

Mirage said...

Surely handsome! Hopefully not a heartbreaker...yet :D

SmilingSally said...

Clearly, you have good reason to brag; he's precious, and I love that blue shirt!

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.