Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is my daughter, Rebecca, who doesn't resemble me in the least. But watch out, Becca!

asks us for a quote about Mothers plus a suitable photograph


‘All women become like their mothers’. So said Oscar Wilde,
And I have absolute proof of this; I am my mother’s child.
In my youth I never resembled her; we didn’t look the same;
This was a matter of regret to me; I thought it was a shame.
She had great big brown eyes; mine were rather small.
I was short and dumpy; she was slim and tall.
She had dark hair, wavy too; mine was ‘mouse’ and straight;
And I wore glasses too, I fear, something I used to hate.
‘I wish I looked like my mother’ was often on my mind;
I felt that Fate had seen me coming and had been a bit unkind.
Yet, now that I am elderly, and my mother no longer here,
Vestiges of my mother suddenly appear.
Oh, not the looks, but mannerisms, a turning of the head,
A pursed-lip type of reaction to something that’s been said.
I look in the mirror daily and see a familiar sight…
‘All women become like their mothers’; Oscar Wilde was right.


(An Acrostic)

Must we always think of states,
Yours and mine and all the others?
Can't we all combine our fates;
Only see ourselves as brothers?
Universality! That's the key
Negating borders and past trouble.
Then, at last, maybe, we'll see
Reality! This bright Blue Bubble!
Yours and mine! Of such great worth!
Our Country! This astounding Earth!

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