Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Crystal

                                      Brenda Bryant (Rinkly Rimes)
requests photographs and quotes on the topic 'Photography'
I threw in some verses for good measure.
Quote: A photograph is the pause button of life. - Ty Holland
A photograph can capture Time
And make it last for ever;
Making a link in the chain of life
That passing years can't sever.
It pauses life for an instant,
And captures ones emotion;
The smell, the feel, the memory
Of a ship sailing the ocean.
The sun goes down a billion times,
As year gives way to year,
But only this sun, this eventide
Is preserved for ever here.
'The pause-button of life', they say,
A blessed preservation,
A hint of immmortality,
And crystalised creation.
( It's Winter in Australia so it's apt!)
In England in the days of old
When nights were very chilly
They simply shivered in the cold
And that was rather silly.
So someone had a great idea
Which here you see portrayed.
When freezing-point was drawing near
And all the beds were made,
A servant took a normal brick
And set it in the fire
Stirring the embers with a stick
Until the flames burned higher.
And when the brick was nigh red-hot
In the warmer it was placed
Then the warmer rubbed around the spot
Where the cold night must be faced.
Up and down and up and down
The master's sheets it went
Then it stroked milady's ruffled gown
Till its heat was almost spent.
Then Milord and Lady leaped with haste
Among the cosy covers!
Not letting heating go to waste!
What joy! What bliss for lovers!
I like to think the servant too
Enjoyed the warmth remaining.
I hate to think that she turned blue
All shivers and 'chilblaning'!
I hope she rushed up to her room
And warmed her humble cot.
Some stolen comfort in the gloom
Would help her sorry lot.

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