Monday, May 16, 2011

The Blot

suggested the first line


A fellow was hatching a plot
To explain what he saw in a blot.
He saw the moustache
Of that clever Rorschach
Who said 'What a load of old rot!'


(For Mike, the subject, who is sixty today. Happy Birthday!)

When the scene is so bucolic
Everyone is bound to frolic!
In he goes (he's not too brave!)
And he gets knocked over by the very first wave!
I didn't catch the frothing fall,
The rogue wave pounding over all,
But I think I caught the shocked expression!
He says he enjoyed his ocean session!
Out from England, not an Aussie,
He wasn't quite a Life Guard, was he!
But he's coming back next year.
To be attacked by sharks? No fear!

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