Saturday, May 28, 2011

Off To Market



I don't want to be a meanie,
But I think a Pink Pig beanie
Is a little overdone,
Though it may be lots of fun!
It has a sideways smirk
That says 'This man's a jerk!'
And he must have lots of hassles
With people pulling tassles.
The model looks quite male
But, quite honestly, I fail
To understand a wig
Masquerading as a pig.
It must be a mass of hair
That he has stuffed in there!
For the part that is Pink Pig
Looks bulbous and quite big!
I'd like to know the history
Of this sartorial mystery.



The world is full of hobbies. Have you noticed?  Mine is verse!
And I think that we human-beings could do a great deal worse
Than having a fixation, a passion, a desire!
It could be breeding budgerigars or singing in a choir;
Collecting butterflies, maybe, or learning about Crete;
Taking lots of photographs of people in the street!
The list goes on! It's never-ending. We are so diverse.
Some people are into acting and happily rehearse!
I saw the local print-makers had organised a stall
Where they could show their efforts and try to sell them all.
I saw it at the market and I stopped there, passing by
Because the great variety had really caught my eye.
For the fact that we have hobbies we all should give great thanks.
After all if we were 'idle hands' we might start robbing banks!


Tania said...

Hehe, great! I would love to see my man with that on top:-)

LV said...

At least, you came up with something different for your pink show.

Beverly said...

Rinkly Rimes, you are the best. You always make me smile. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.