Sunday, May 22, 2011

To See Ourselves

Picasso: Girl Before a Mirror

asks us to write about a mirror-image in 100 words (more or less).


Sometimes I look in the mirror
And I like what I can see.
A smiling, bright, attractive person
Smiles right back at me.
Sometimes I look in the mirror
And I see a sad old hag,
Whose face is full of wrinkles
Like a crumpled paper bag.
Sometimes I see a credit face,
Sometimes a debit vision.
Sometimes I view myself with glee,
And sometimes with derision.
I rarely look in the mirror
And see my averageness.....
A plain but pleasant lady....
No more,
No less.



Swimmers at our local pool
Have to learn to keep the rule,
Lining up before each race,
Each one in a special place.
Organisation! That's the thing!
Not jumping the gun with a mighty spring!
Swimmers everywhere are the same;
They have to play a numbers game.


Susan Anderson said...

Nice rhymes!


Amanda said...

Smart writing. Hopefully, if I practice faithfully, I might be able to write that way one day.

jfb57 said...

Good to see rhymes for a change!

Lynn said...

Love your mirror poem:@)

Ames said...

Nice rhyming. I see a lot of that crumpled paper bag in my mirror! :D~Ames

Bookie said...

Nice reading this morning!

Judie said...

I can REALLY identify with your Centus. You are a gifted writer. said...

These poems have a nice flow to them. I really like that the first one ends with no more, no less than averageness. It's poetically prolific.

21 Wits said...

So nice...great poem which hits home in more ways than's full of true life for sure! Good work!

Unknown said...

Love the reflection poem, it's an awesome way to look at a person... as a puzzle. I think today I'm missing a few pieces... LOL

Unknown said...

The prompt within a poem is a very nice touch. I enjoyed the read!

Jenny said...

I really enjoy your poetry. You have such a knack for visualization and meter. I read through them and the rhyme captures me...and then the words grab me even harder.

Really excellent writing here.

You are impressive.