Thursday, May 5, 2011

River Reflection


As if there weren't enough boats on the Hunter River
I have to go and double-up the lot!
Lunch at the Fisherman's Co-Op preceded this photograph.
All in all, a pretty handy spot!


This municipal edifice in the centre of our city,
I think is quite attractive, and verging on the pretty!
It's right beside the park, as well, which gives it added grace,
And makes our little city a very pleasant place.
But I think our rates are calculated in this mock rotunda
And goodness knows 'they' seem to plan to pillage and to plunder!
'Never judge a book by its cover'... that's a phrase we often use
So this building represents the fact that we've got to pay our dues!
Maybe the numerous windows 'keep an eye on us' poor saps;
Definitely part of 'My World' but not the best, perhaps!


The Choir performed today at a Drop-In centre. Although some members of the audience were in need of care they were all very enthusiastic. I feel such visits are very worthwhile.

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