Sunday, May 29, 2011


'Poor thing!' we think. 'She should be free
When she is swimming in the sea!!
How awful for her dressed up so
In solemn black from head to toe!
She must be sitting feeling sad,
Or boiling over, getting mad!'
But no! She's absolutely thrilled,
With utter, crazy joy she's filled!
She doesn't see a long black stocking
As something soul-destroying, shocking.
She doesn't see that clinging skirt
As something that's designed to hurt.
She doesn't mind that her little feet
Are covered too, and so discrete.
She only knows her generation
Can feel a lovely new sensation.
Past women folk, as she well knows,
Had to wear their normal clothes,
Merely dipping a timid toe
In the water's ebb and flow;
Hitching up their heavy dresses.....
Petticoats showing were excesses!
So this girl is quite elated,
Sensual and liberated.
Bikinis she can't visualise
And so she doesn't fantasise
About bare limbs and golden tans
And the same freedom as a man's.
So do not fret because she's clad
In garments that would drive you mad!
Let's leave her revelling, youthful, free
In her little heaven of sand and sea.


A wealthy Sheik was a generous man; he treated employees well,
Although he was rich and powerful, with lots of oil to sell.
When it was the Christmas season, whatever their faith might be
He almost overpowered them with his generosity.
His Secretary's name was June; she did all that he might require
And the Sheik said 'I want to reward you. What do you desire?'
Now June was very keen on golf; so she answered in a trice
'I know what I want. A set of golf clubs! That would be very nice!'
On Xmas Eve she received a call .... the Sheik sounding almost sad.
'I've bought you a set of golf clubs, but I'm feeling rather bad.
So far I've bought you five clubs and I hope that they will do.
But only four have swimming pools! Is that all right with you?'


Liz Rice-Sosne said...

I love reading your work ... you are an inspiration to my own writing ... a true wordsmith!

Sonia said...

The first one is kind of sad.

The second one is funny, but it is a little odd to think of a sheik giving out Christmas presents.

nominated you for the versatile blogger award:

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Oh dear ... not sure my comment got to you. Wanted you to know I always enjoy reading your work, you are a true wordsmith and an inspiration to my own writing.

Francisca said...

What a lovely sense of humor you have, Brenda!

SmilingSally said...

Actually, Brenda, I think I'd rather go back in time to that beachware rather than bikinis! 'course I'm OLD.

Love the blue.

Happy Blue Monday!