Monday, May 9, 2011

Ready! Steady Go!

Merewether Leagues Club



The ballroom's ready in daffodil yellow.
They say the groom is a lucky fellow.
The bride is dressed in elegant white;
The people say 'What a lovely sight!'
Yes, the room is ready, but is the bride?
Marriage can bring a bumpy ride!
Yes, the cake is ready, but is the groom?
He'll turn into a husband in that room!
To give and take are both of them ready?
And, most of all, are they truly steady?
Or are they bowled over by True Romance.....
The hug, the kiss, the lingering glance?
The promises to be ever loyal
Even when passion goes off the boil?
Are they steady enough for smelly socks,
And other, more disastrous shocks?
How will they feel when all words are said,
And the Universe doesn't reside in bed?
If they're Ready and Steady then I say 'Go!'
To Juliet and her Romeo.
But yellow ribbons don't represent life,
As they'll discover as man and wife!


They were naughty, they were nice;
They were sugar, they were spice.
Ten years ago they knew such fame!
Everybody knew the name.
The Spice Girls! Icons of their time!
Silly, maybe, or sublime.
Teenage girls made future plans
To sing such songs and thrill such fans.
Now, it seems, there's only Posh
Who causes viewers to cry 'Gosh!'
And, in her case, it is her spouse
Who's really bringing down the house!
Time marches on for all it seems;
Ambitions end as faded dreams.
The teenage fans are now, I think,
Standing at the kitchen sink,
Humming tunes inconsequential
That once seemed heady and essential.
It all ended in a trice
Those long-lost days that were marked by


I was lucky enough to be visited by both my son and daughter on Mother's Day. Greg brought a lovely bunch of flowers (thanks, Greg) and Rebecca a most unusual gift. She was worried that it might not be appropriate as it was a book of sheet music, and I neither play an instrument nor read music! However, it was an extremely thoughtful gift, as one of my hobbies is writing melodramas and adding parodies to well-known songs. All the songs in the book are out of copyright too, which makes it a even better source of inspiration. Thank you Becca. Our pianist will say thank you too!

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