Monday, May 16, 2011


asks us to use a quote about friendship.

The words in blue are from Eleanor Rossevelt.


Friendship with oneself is all important;
Enjoy your you-ness every single day.
Be constantly aware
Of the great world that you share,
With that person who's inside you all the way.
Friendship with some others is exciting;
When one's liked it's the icing on the cake.
But, without self-love, you'll find
No real warmth inside your mind,
So you cannot give, but only merely take.
Forgive yourself for all your small shortcomings;
Don't be hard on someone who should mean so much.
Then you'll find you can forgive
Other folk with whom you live
And you can give the world a tender touch.
A baby loves itself, it's quite self-centred;
It's the centre of its little universe;
Then it learns to love one other,
Its own adoring Mother.
Loving others is a task we must rehearse.
Light a little flame of liking in your own mind,
Then let it shine on others every day.
Friendship's one of life's great pleasures,
Let's dispense it in large measures.
A friendship with ourselves shows us the way.



Why is it always pigs they choose to store their money in?
Why is it only pigs that have a slit cut in their skin?
Why don't they choose an elephant, a monkey or a cat?
No! Don't tell me it's because a pig is always fat!
Don't add insult to injury! A hippo's 'porky' too!
But I've never seen a Hippo Bank in all my life! Have you?
A whale is round and blubbery and could hold a lot of cents,
But a Whale Bank? Never! Never! It doesn't make much sense!
They try to say they trust me with their items of small change,
But why don't they trust the others? I find it very strange.
I don't mind being an ornament, an item of great beauty,
But it does upset me rather when I'm put on fiscal duty!
The coins weigh heavily inside; I sometimes get the colic;
Those heavy pennies weigh me down, too cumbersome to frolic!
As you see, I look despondent, but no-one cares a fig.
When someone created a money-box, why did they pick poor Pig?


Unknown said...

La amistad sana es lo mas maravilloso del mundo.
Traducido al español, la palabra "friendship" viene a ser algo así como: amigos que van el el mismo barco. Pues eso mismo
Me gusta muy especialmente este post. En Elregalodetupresencia ya hemos escrito algo sobre amistad, pero nunca es suficiente ¿verdad?

besos desde España

Jan n Jer said...

You quotography is very true. Self love is sooo important in life!
It does make you wonder why a pig was picked for a bank!!! food for thought here!!!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

That is such a sweet photo. It is definitely very important to love ones self! Thanks for linking up!

Good Company said...

When you love yourself, there's so much more to love and give. Thanks!
(visiting from quotography)

kayerj said...

what a sweet photo--and a very important perspective. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on