Friday, May 20, 2011



'It isn't fair!' said the seagull. floating on the great wide lake,
'Just look at that magnificent bill! Like a sword, for goodness sake!
And look at those wing-feathers! So rich! So fine! So black!
Mine are little grey things lying flat upon my back!
That neck! It's almost like a swan's! Look at that elegant curve!
I'd really like to speak to him but I haven't got the nerve!
His shadow on the water could almost be that of an eagle!
I'm sure he's stolen my shadow from me! I wonder if that's legal!
I know I'm not so beautiful and I do try not to care.
But not to have even a shadow!
Life certainly isn't fair!'


Today I realise a dream!
Today they're celebrating Steam!
For months I've lain incarcerated,
Just a relic, under-rated!
But it's the Steam Fest day today.
All old steam 'things' shout 'Hooray!'
Farm machinery long neglected,
Just for today is resurrected.
Puffing Billies of every sort
They normally never give a thought!
There's even a Jazz Band joining in
Creating a really joyful din.
And the vintage cars are have come to see
Another part of history.
Here I go! Into the light!
See the spectators to the right!
This is my one day of the year
And all the Railway Buffs are here!
Out of the shadows see me puff!
One day can never be enough.


Margaret Gosden said...

That is a good one...not to have a shadow!

Unknown said...

I totally feel that little guys pain in Envy... LOL. Is there a real fesitval or something for the steam engines? That's pretty cool.