Tuesday, May 17, 2011


                                     Carmen Browne

supplied the illustration

(A Poem for Children)

Crabbity, Crabbity, wave your claws.
I'm in my world, you're in yours.
You breathe water, I breathe air,
I'm up here and you're down there.
Crabbity, Crabbity, is it cool
Way down there in your little pool?
Do you sometimes swim to big dark caves
Way. way under the rolling waves?
Crabbity, Crabbity, do you wish
That you were a little silvery fish?
Or do you wish you could leave the sea
And be a little boy like me?



The cathedral shadows stretched their length
Along the wooden pews,
And all about was painted
In grey and muted hues.
The voices of the visitors
Were hushed, somber and low;
Only the stained glass windows
Had a pale ethereal glow.
And then I turned a corner
And found this bright display!
The corner saved for children
When they chanced to come this way.
Bright chairs, bright rug, a colour feast,
Almost a mini-riot!
All among the sanctity
And the order and the quiet.


Jinksy said...

Great kids poem - not at all crabbity!!

signed...bkm said...

"Do you wish to leave the sea and become a little boy like me"..what a lovely line...so sweet...bkm

JL Dodge said...

Cute and very clever !!