Sunday, May 15, 2011


asks us to use the famous line from 'Gone With The Wind'
'After all, tomorrow is another day'

'Tomorrow is another day'; I think that's rather trite.
After all day always follows day, with an intervening night.
Scarlett O'Hara coined the phrase, when surrounded by her trouble;
When everything in life had gone, and all she saw was rubble.
She squared her shoulders, raised her head, and looked up to the skies,
Determined to make a go of things, although she'd been unwise.
There's a tone of optimism in her voice, a hint of future schemes;
We sense she'll go on to succeed and realise all her dreams.
But it can work the other way. After all, if you're the tops,
Tomorrow may disappoint you with a litany of flops!
It's no good flaunting yourself around and thinking you're the best,
When tomorrow may come and shock you because nobody's impressed.
Be prepared for disappointment and then  you can really say
With absolute sincerity
'Tomorrow's another day'.


Shallow water! Oh what joys
For paddle-poking little boys!
Finding creatures way below,
Swaying with the ebb and flow.
Feeling sand between their toes;
Standing still to strike a pose.
How reflections shine and shimmer;
How the blue-green waters glimmer.
A very special sort of play
On a heavenly summer's day.


Unknown said...

You always write so beautifully!

Isabel said...

love the 2nd one the best. great poems. like the photo as well

Jess PJ said...

'Search Party' was so cute. The picture was lovely.

JL Dodge said...

Your rhymes are effortless, flawless and wonderful to read !
always a joy to come here !