Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bony Beauty

chose 'thin, jitter, grace.'


You're very graceful, I admit,
As you glide across the floor,
Walking along the cat-walk,
Deserving an encore.
And, yes, you're very beautiful,
With the requisite pointy chin,
But, oh, my little lovely,
You're really much too thin!
What does your boyfriend say at night,
When he hugs you on the couch?
When one of your bones digs into him
I bet he cries out 'Ouch!'
It quite gives me the jitters
To see your ribs protrude
As I am sitting picturing you
Parading in the nude.
Those hips must jut like blades of steel,
Your stomach must cave-in!
Oh, my little lovely,
You're really much too thin!
I wonder, do you realise,
That you are just a fad.
You are a fashion, sweetie pie,
Akin to the shoulder-pad.
When Reubens painted women
They were always full of flesh,
Not like some starving lady
From Bengal or Bangladesh.

And, yes, you may laugh at them,
As they stand there, unattired,
But these were the shapes, in Reuben's day,
That enamoured and inspired.
They've been consigned to history,
And you will find, my sweetie,
That you'll go out of fashion
When mens' tastes turn to the meatie.
A nice neat average figure
Is always sure to win,
And, oh, my little lovely,
You're really much too thin!



The very nicest thing of all
Is a nice big bouncy bright red ball,
And when you're two and rather sweet
It makes a very good garden seat!
I've caught you resting from your play.
Any moment now you'll run away.
You'll find a sandpit or a bike.
It's tiring being lady-like!


Jae Rose said...

Let's hope thin goes out of fashion..real beauty is sitting there on your bouncy ball..floppy poses..Jae

Unknown said...

As is always the case when I visit your site, I feel informed, entertained, a bit editorialized and thoroughly amazed!

Andy Sewina said...

I love your Bony Beauty poem - maybe she lives on cigarettes!

Amanda said...

Too thin - I agree, many of the 'models' are expected to have the body of a 12 year old boy!

Maude Lynn said...

Both of these are just fabulous!

VL Sheridan said...

Both poems are so brilliant! Real women have curves, and that little cutie looks like an angel. Nice work.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said .Oh how I loved these especially being Rubenesque myself. I adored the poem about the little girl the picture went perfectly with it.

Old Egg said...

I have always thought that absurd thinness was a male plot to negate the effectiveness of women who might eventually rule and dominate the world. The trouble is that women are falling for it too!

Rubens where are you?

earlybird said...

Love your Bony Beauty! Very good indeed.

The Rusty Pen said...

This is a wonderful poem and you're right, thin is just a fad! This poem speaks to a subject that a lot of young girls struggle with these days.

Altonian said...

Two smashing poems! The one about thin-ness had me nodding my head. I cannot stand looking at the average modern 'model' - not only are they grotesquely too thin, but none of them know how to walk properly, or stand elegantly. Even as a young man I was not attracted to the 'model' woman type. I loved Megs Jenkins though.

PJD said...

So many great lines in there, I can't pick out my favorites. What a great LOL way to start out a morning!

rmpWritings said...

absolutely wonderful...fabulous even...really enjoyed the flow tone and message of the first poem. the second was sweet enough to put a smile on my face...

Anonymous said...

Loved both! :)

I prefer a lady with dangerous curves, rather than sharp edges. And it is totally tiring being ladylike! hee hee.