Thursday, June 30, 2011


'bump, knuckle, transfix'


I'm wide awake! It's three-fourteen;
That must mean something! What does it mean?
Normally I sleep like a log,
Never woken by a barking dog,
A passing car, or a yowling cat.
Never woken by stuff like that.
Yet here I am wide-eyed in bed,
Filled with a trembling sort of dread.
Ah! A bump! Not imagination!
My heart jumps! It's a palpitation.
I lie and listen, watch and wait;
My breathing seems to hesitate;
I pull the sheet up to my chin;
The air seems clammy, cold and thin.
I clench my fists; the knuckles whiten
What is it that has come to frighten?
I lie transfixed! I wait and wait
For the next  bump to eventuate.
That it will come is very certain.
Is that a twitching of the curtain?
Three-fourteen! An ungodly hour!
Soon 'it' will have me in its power!
I feel 'it' coming ever near
I squeeze my eyes tight shut with fear.............
And suddenly, without a warning,
It's eight-fourteen and it is morning!



If I were a blue-eyed lemur (and I'm rather glad I'm not)
And I met a brown-eyed lemur whose blood was running hot,
I'd avoid his loving advances and tell him to get lost,
Making it plain as a pike-staff that our stars were certainly crossed.
For brown-eyed lemurs are ho-hum; they're ten-a-penny indeed,
Whereas the blue-eyed lemur is a very special breed.
In the jungles of Madagascar we'd play games among the trees,
But anything like an 'engagement' (a la the birds and bees)
Would make me seethe with resentment and possibly blow a fuse,
For all the babies would have brown eyes, not my beautiful blues.
As it is with our human neighbours, my blue's a recessive gene,
So I'd have to find a blue-eyed beau, if you know what I mean.
So, if I happened to chance upon a gorgeous blue-eyed male
Who was looking-out for a love-affair, I'd catch him by the tail!
'Come up and see me sometime' I'd whisper tenderly
'Then all my dear little babies would have blue eyes just like me.'


Kwee Cats and Art said...

I enjoyed the way you expressed your fear. At my next 3:14am, I'm going to think of you and this poem :-)

Jingle said...

rich thoughts,
admirable creativity.

Christine said...

Fear can sure get a hold of a person, heard the cat yowling at 12:15 last night. Still alive this morning, sleeping happily on a lawn chair.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I love both of these. So witty the second one.

Alice Audrey said...

Ah, the fears and dreads of the insomniac.

Great TWW.

Altonian said...

3 a.m, supposed to be our biologically lowest point. I often wake at 3a.m. I pick up my book and half a sentence later I'm asleep.
Loved the humour in you second poem.