Monday, June 6, 2011

Night Thoughts

Blind Willy's III (triptych, center panel) by Alfred Gockel - 27 1/2 x 27 1/2 inches - Fine Art Print / Poster

gave us the words in blue


Beware the thoughts that come in the night 
And make you toss and turn;
Thoughts of things to do and see
And fix and read and learn.
Yesterday's chores as yet undone,
Tomorrow's not yet planned;
Items from last Saturday
As yet not quite in hand!
Worries about young Angela,
And Martin's funny ways;
Remembrances of insults
That have niggled you for days.
That lost umbrella! Where is it?
I'll have to buy a new one!
Fretting about that tale you heard...
Could it have been a true one?
You'll toss and turn from left to right....
The thoughts will still pursue you.
You'll turn your pillow over
But no good will that do you!
You'll try the old trick, counting sheep,
 But, by the time you get to ten,
The worries will have all returned,
To pounce on you again!
So why don't you try my trick....
Just turn the radio on.
Listen to the state of the world;
Soon your worries will be gone.
You'll realise your niggles
Are just pinpricks after all;
Murders and wars are big things;
Your troubles are just small.
About those silly little things
You'll simply say 'They'll keep'
And you'll drift off in a happy mood
Into a dreamless sleep.



He sent his love a note; he wrote with fire and passion;
He wrote with all the strength of his desire!
She'd never had a letter written in that loving fashion!
He'd written with a heart that was on fire!
And his words seemed to enfold her in a wonderful caress;
As she read them she was utterly transported.
She found her heart was singing with a song of happiness!
This was how a girl expected to be courted!
I had to wax romantic when I saw the shot above!
Call it whimsy! Call it nonsense!
Call it Love!


Anonymous said...

Your night thoughts are often my night thoughts, and I do turn the radio on.

Your second poem is just sweet romance through and through.

Jess PJ said...

those thoughts sure can keep a person up at night. a fun read.

and a wonderful image of a love letter. there is much missing in the instant communication world in regards to thoughtful courting.

Henry Clemmon said...

That's right, keep it in perpective. Great write. Loved the words and some great lines.