Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raw Material

asks for a factual description of our surroundings!


Well, here it is folks! You've been warned!
My study completely unadorned.
The empty 'page' up on the screen;
Till I started writing, nice and clean.
The straggly wires which are never neat,
Twining themselves where I put my feet.
The calendar open for reference dates;
The rubbish, which proliferates.
Scraps of paper, which I dislike,
And which should be saved on a metal spike.
My chair, with a sort of mesh addition,
Forcing me into the right position.
My keyboard, bought as a gift last week,
Because the old one was antique.
The lead from my camera on the floor,
Where it has been many times before.
Do I feel guilty? Not a bit!
I relish the many hours I sit
In this scruffy study place
Far away from the human race.
I hear, from below, the TV blaring,
Something which I'll soon be sharing,
For soon my husband will call to me
'Come on down: I've made the tea!'



(A nonsense rhyme)

The Flipsical went smarkling along the drivly marled.
It couldn't keep is smidgens on because they were so twarled.
It murkined this way and then that, and jimped the stippins higher
And then it flipped all quangly-goo in a situation dire.
With one leg round the zittering pole and the other all akimbo
It's mifties pinched its grobbin wags! He really was in limbo!
'Hang plonky!' cried it's friend the Squamp 'Then do a little snoff!
If you really do that hard enough I'm sure that they'll fall off!'
And, sure, enough, the smidgens fell, but they landed in a clest
And so the Flipsical walked home clad only in its vest!


Margaret Gosden said...

I do like these rimes about what you do, how and where you do it! Your space is interestingly small and spare but what counts is the screen and mouse that takes you anywhere you want to go with your thoughts! Just about everything through our fingertips, and a cup-o- tea waiting downstairs!

from my wicked ways to turning a phrase said...

great. love the two for ones!