Friday, June 10, 2011



Does anyone remember Twiggy,
The girl who started it all?
Those twiggy little arms and legs
Seemed to be a clarion-call
To every other teenager
To look extremely thin.
Certainly her skinny looks
Set fashion in a spin.

She had a hairdresser boyfriend,
And a salon in Mayfair
Asked her to be the model
For the new style of cropped hair.
There was something so androgynous
About her face and form
That pictures of her posing
Took the London press by storm.
She was only sixteen at the time
And she thought that it was mad,
As she didn't like her shape at all!
People said she was a fad,
But this was the 1960s
And her skinny looks took-on;
The era of the big bosom
Was well and truly gone.
She's had a wonderful career
On the cat-walk and the screen,
And she is still as beautiful
As she has ever been!



Faster than a speeding bullet!
Little fella finds his feet!
Big boy in his sights! Go get him!
At any age revenge is sweet.

Malcolm's Club, which was languishing, has become a Unisex Club and the input of 'ladies' seems to have gentrified it! Yesterday we had a Monthly Lunch meeting and I chose the venue, a local Asian restaurant, which I've often eyed but never visited. What a good choice! The food was delicious.

Even if a little overwhelming! Definitely not for Twiggy!
(This was my Sweet and Sour Pork!)


Peggy said...

I do remember Twiggy of course. Her today photo looks so normal!!

Maggie said...

I remember my older sister wearing her hair like Twiggy. She looks healthy and happy, now.

Amanda said...

I love sweet and sour pork (or chicken). And I like Twiggy better now!

Wow that was thin, even for our current thin-obsessed times.

LV said...

I definitely remember the Twiggy days. She has certainly improved over the years. A very pretty lady.

Gail said...

Yep, I remember Twiggy, I was built just like her, not so much anymore. Sigh.
Happy PS

The Artful Diva said...

I too remember Twiggy! I think it's great that the girls broke the class ceiling- the luncheon looks like fun.

Marti McClure said...

I love Twiggy! Her style was so unique. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti