Friday, June 3, 2011

Hail To Thee

is inspired by a heatwave


Hail to Thee, thou  Puny One!
Thy light supports us all.
Thou seemest to be a colossal thing,
A great round  fiery ball!
But cast thine eye upon the earth,
View the diagram below!
Thou lookest to be a paltry thing
(And we don't even show!)
For centuries we've bowed before
Thy flaming majesty!
But if it's true you're puny,
What on earth are we!




A relic of an earlier age, destined to be repaired,
Destined to have its old and dusty corners swept and aired.
The ladder's at the ready, to seek out ancient flaws,
Little cracks in plaster and unwelcome gaps in doors.
Once it held a family, back in Victorian days,
When things were very different in so many funny ways.
There is even a room for a servant! What shall we do with that?
The room isn't even big enough for us to swing a cat!
We'll sell it to a smart young thing who'll make it up-to-date
With walls all painted white and bright and a trendy iron gate!
But let's just pause a moment to view its bits and pieces,
Before it's brand new life begins, and, sadly, the old one ceases.


Brian Miller said...

ha. its all about perspective eh? in the universe we are a mighty speck...nice play on the prompt

Bubba said...

Our sun is just a middle-sized star, but a million Earths would fit inside! Nice sunny piece, Brenda!

Victoria said...

Indeed, what are we in the grand scheme of things. As always, enjoyable rhymes.

Anonymous said...

Brill, amusing, true. :] xx