Thursday, June 2, 2011




A squally sea beyond the glass,
But let the conversation pass
Mouth to mouth and brain to brain,
Back and forth and back again.
Smart opinions in your ear,
All washed-down with a glass of beer.


Many years ago I wrote a musical play for children called 'The Cicada Circus'. In it the various cicadas, all of which have pet names in Australia, performed in their own particular way in the circus ring. Here is the song of..........


If you give me a banana I will toss it in the air
Then I'll follow it with spinach and a juicy yellow pear
And while they hang suspended I will add a cauliflour
And I'll keep them spinning round and round for maybe half an hour!
You can throw in a tomato if it's nice and round and red
And I'll keep a cabbage twirling in the air above my head.
I can juggle like a master. I'll be quite the best you've seen.
I may be inexperienced but no-one calls me 'green'.
How about a bunch of carrots or a few zucchini?
Forget your talking parrots! I'll be famous as Houdini!
So a pumpkin's on my nose? Well, I balance it with ease
While toying with a turnip or a bag of frozen peas!
And when my act is over and I let the whole lot drop,
The audience will shout and clap and call out
'Please don't stop!'

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