Sunday, June 5, 2011




Linking hands we dance around the noble edifice;
Is there any better way of standing on guard than this?
Some military persons like to stand all stiff and straight
Saying, of course,  'They also serve who only stand and wait.'
But some of us do a curtsey and some of us do a bow
And some of us duck under, well try to, anyhow.
We pretend the stone's a Maypole and we circle it with grace.
Always, always dancing, but staying in one place.



The Primrose Path! The way to Hell!
A phrase we all know very well.
The libertine's, the easy way,
Ignoring rules we should obey.
The lure of luxury and ease
May lead one to a life of sleeze.
Drugs and drink may give a kick
But the end result is pretty sick.
The pretty country maid above
Is being lured by illicit love.
Her lover waits down in the dell.
( Oh dear! She's on her way to Hell!
She's ignoring a vital rule for sure......
'Little maidens must be pure'!)


Hey Harriet said...

Lovely chain shadows! And I really like how you captured concrete, grass, water and sky all in the one photo! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Tess said...

I like this shot! looks like an old picture. It is beautiful! The poem is a little bit sad though haha :) unfortunately, there are some girls that do things they are not supposed to be doing.