Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Press photograph


I don't know much about fashion, that has to be admitted;
I've often bought a dress to wear merely because it fitted!
But I do know class when I see it and these were from Valentino,
On display in Brisbane, (very different from Portofino!)
I love their flowing lines, I love that bright red shade,
I like the fact that they're very 'posh' and not a all home-made!
Elegance! Yes, that's just the word that I've been looking for!
See the lovely, graceful trains that are sweeping on the floor!
Too many fashions nowadays are scrappy and look a mess,
Not so much High Fashion as thrown-together Fancy Dress!
These gowns are made for real women, with curves where curves should be,
Made for women who smile a lot, not scowl in misery!
Those expressions that we see now! I suppose they try to smoulder,
But they'll find 'that look' is a habit that will be their's when they're older!
With legs like sticks and the oddest gait, they totter on their way
I don't think Valentino would give them the time of day!

How good to be a gargoyle!
Oh what gigantic fun
To grace a giant edifice
And glower in the sun!
I'd rather be a gargoyle
Than a goblin or a ghost.
Yes, a gorgeous grinning gargoyle!
That would please me most!
I'd stick my ghastly tongue out
And gargle through my teeth
Spitting at gazing gentry
Gambolling underneath.
I'd guzzle drips from rain-drops
And gulp the gnats ands flies
I'd never suffer giddiness
In my great gargoylish guise.
My giant ears would stick-out
Quite gross and like a geckos
And I'd greet each day with guffaws
That would glance off all the echoes.
I'd look quite geriatric
In a way that gargoyles do.
Not glittering or glamorous,
But I'd be looking down on you!
In spite of horrible winter weather.......squally rain and umbrella-wrecking winds...... we had a pleasant evening yesterday. Our local TAFE ( Tech College in some places) tests its hospitality students by having them prepare meals for the paying public, and my Probus Club took-over the dining-room. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to haut cuisine, but I liked most of the food and the students were pleasant, so it was an enjoyable evening.

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