Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raining Light



The light was 'Mary Poppins Blue'
With silver raindrops shining through.
In the foyer we were waiting,
Hanging about, anticipating.
All was sparkle and illusion,
Plus the crowds and the confusion.
Umbrellas hung in various ways
For theatre-goers to to stop and gaze
At the symbol of the play
Which we had come to see that day.
Reflecting up, reflecting down
On the most popular show in town.


(From two years ago)

I started life as 'Banjo' and that's my proper name,
But I'm very friendly, cuddly, lovable and tame,
And Max could not say 'Banjo' so now I make a claim....
That Bobo is a good name for a dog.
My tail is rather splendid, I wave it all around;
It makes a charming shadow there behind me on the ground.
And my family agrees with me, everybody having found
That my tail is a good tail for a dog.


Sheilagh Lee said...

both are truly beautiful I love the description of the true show and the reason for Bobo's change of name.

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