Monday, June 20, 2011

Pink Sunglasses

kindly gave me permission to use this photograph


In my youth, the 'me' of me
Was hidden beneath uniformity.
Unwritten rules of fashioned ordained
That regulation was retained.
'Everyone' wore one length of skirt;
'Everyone' wore a business shirt.
No-one decided to deviate
The retribution was too great.
It was clear that one was beyond the Pale,
If female intermixed with male
On the fashion scene. The man above
Knows exactly what he's thinking of;
He's out and about on the city street
Slightly whacky and effete,
But being 'himself' for all to see
Thumbing his nose at conformity.
Colourful, crazy, and on show,
When, in the days of long ago,
He'd have been in a three-piece suit!
Nowadays, who gives a hoot?
I feel envy, I admit;
I missed out on the fun of it.


When we say that good old phrase 'I'm not myself today'
It often means we're feeling rather down.
A little vague, a little drab, a little old and grey,
A little like a kitten we should drown.
So what we're really saying is 'My normal self is pert,
Beautiful and vibrant and erect;
Normally I'm comical, creative and alert
Good company and very circumspect!'
Only Maxine is quite honest; her imperfections rule;
She doesn't give a damn about pretense!
The Maxine who says she's 'herself' isn't anybody's fool.
Once again, Maxine, you speak a lot of sense!


Kathe W. said...

excellent and hilarioius- loved the two poems- but especially the first ....Olivier is quite the character!

bloc hornet said...

lol great poem and picture.