Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eternal Shadows



Always in shadow, under the boards
Down by the river-side,
A place of secrets where waters lisp
And a very rare seagull glides.
The chattering masses gather above,
To drink coffee or sip their wine,
Never seeing that there, there under the boards,
No sun will ever shine.



Said the Little Green Toad to the Little Old Tap
'I hope we don't meet with some mishap!
The world is full of pain and slaughter
But I can manage if I have water.
Water! The very stuff of life!
Without it every other strife
Doesn't really mean a thing.
Water rules! Water is king!
Let's hope those humans keep it flowing!
If not, I don't know where we're going!


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Two lovely views on the usages and value of water, both seen and unseen.
Today I'm annoyed with water, or at least the rain form!!!!
Raining non-stop where I live in Cheshire. No sign of summer, yet.

Both poems a pleasure to read this evening.
Best wishes, Eileen

magiceye said...

gorgeous images!