Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sore Thumb

supplied the illustration


A young fellow wrote home to his Mum
'I stick out like a great big sore thumb!
While they're singing and dancing
And leaping and prancing
I stand very still and just hum!'


Are they meant to encourage us or to scare us out of our wits?
If one of them came to my bedside I'm sure I'd have fifty fits!
They're GREEN so that's the right colour, but do they come from Mars?
Maybe things are squeaky-clean up there among the stars!
Are they posing as Spacemen? Do they advocate Outer Space?
Are they trying to say their planet is a very much cleaner place?
Stopping Climate Change is an honourable thing to do,
But I don't think these apparitions are very much help! Do you?


Pat said...

I laughed a lot, especially because I'm his mum!

I like your poem about the scary space aliens. I doubt we can stop climate change because it is natural and cyclical, in great part caused by periodic extreme sunspot activity and also by volcanoes spewing tons of carbon dioxide, not by man's puny activity (puny in comparison to solar flares and exploding vocanoes).

Unknown said...

Ah Rinkles...loved the muse! Made me laugh.

Diane said...

Loved your rhyme this morning, it brought a smile and hum with it! Hugs :O)

Suze said...

Absolutely love your words.

Lynette Killam said...

I love your limerick, Brenda! I also enjoyed your amusing take on the Climate Change poster, though the picture itself creeped me out more than a little...:)

Anonymous said...

The young man definitely does look like he feels out of place...and I can just imagine him humming along to the tune of "Should we cook him in the oven or broil him on the grill?"...LOL