Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Blunder

                      Norman Rockwell


Norman dear! (Rockwell, I mean.)
You really slipped-up with this scene.
You labelled  it 'The Flirt'.Oh dear!
Has he got sex-appeal? No fear!
So, if he's flirting, it's rather sad.
He's old enough to be her Dad!
And, if the lady is the flirt,
Then my response is rather curt!
She isn't flirting! That's disdain!
These two men are such a pain!
Rockwell was very much of his age,
When Wolf Whistles were all the rage.
 When pretty girls were supposed to thrill
Even if the Whistler were over the hill!
I see a coin. Is there a toll?
Is paying her fee the driver's goal?
Does he hope to get in her good books
With all those silly leering looks?
He looks quite genial! What a shame
That he considers girls fair game!
In Rockwells time all girls were prey.
(But I still prefer it to today!)



The ocean cruiser sailed along, pristine in every part.
The windows gleamed like crystal, thanks to a certain art.
The art of window-cleaning doesn't get a lot of press,
Although they get a lot of flack if windows look a mess.
We weren't right out at sea, of course, but the water was quite deep!
And I expected all the while a death-defying leap!
Attached by ropes they surely were, but high above the sea,
And I was very grateful that one of them wasn't me!
Today is a Public Holiday (The Queen's Birthday..... which isn't a public holiday in her homeland!) so I can relax. The  weekend was quite a busy one. I had my friend, Joan, to stay. Not that she was any bother, but the winter weather  was diabolical, and so we spent a lot of our time playing Scrabble. I had hoped to take her out for some scenic drives but it was not to be. She left us at 3.00 and, guess what, the Family arrived to celebrate Harrys 7th birthday at exactly the same time! His actual birthday was on Friday, and he celebrated by taking friends to a Bowling Alley Party. Ours was a low-key family event and it was marred by the absence of Brian, on duty, and Blake, away staying with frends. However, we all had a lovely time.
Here is the Birthday Boy.

I like this shot because Harry is saying to Max 'Would you like to blow the candle out. Max?' They are very good friends. The little cupcake on top of the iced sponge was for Max, who cannot eat gluten. It looks odd, but he was happy with it.

Greg with his lovely family; Michelle, Harry and Max.


La said...

Your Norman Rockwell poem was cute.

What a lovely family you have, Brenda. Happy Birthday to Harry!

Pie said...

He's so handsome. Happy Birthday to him.

My Blue Monday.

imriz said...

1st photo was cute and so is the lady driver:) but the family bonding sure beats the long weekend:)