Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Miniature

wants a wide view


I look up at the night sky
And view the planets.
I look inward at my brain
And view the planets.
The universe is encased
(So they say).
My brain is encased
( I am certain.)
Is my brain a universe?
Is the universe a brain?
In my brain
The little planets make contact;
I think, I speak, I do.
In the universe
The planets make contact ,
Or would if they could.
Far into the future
The planets may link,
As do the planets in my brain.
Then the universe brain
Will speak to itself,
As my brain does.
And it will wonder
'Am I part of a bigger brain
Outside myself?'


(With Apologies to 'Ten Green Bottles')

Twelve fat pigeons sitting on a wire.
Twelve fat pigeons sitting on a wire.
But if four fat pigeons should suddenly expire
There'd be eight fat pigeons sitting on the wire.
(Plus one observer!)


nan said...

Very cool poem! I enjoyed the inside and outside planetarium experience through my "lens."

Anonymous said...

The first one is terrific, the repetition forces the reader to observe with your brain. But your observer pigeon takes the crown!

Anonymous said...

These both made me smile for totally different reasons! The first just nails those times when you start to wonder just what's really going on here!? And the second is perfectly fun!

Anonymous said...

I am new, as of last week or so, to your blog, but like the way you present us two poems. Loved the whole planet outside/inside poem, and laughed in delight at the birds on a wire.


Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done.....enoyed your words...thanks for sharing Brinda

Anonymous said...

I like them both, but the first is my favorite. You take brilliant twists and turns with the words. It was truly a delight to read.