Monday, June 27, 2011

Not For Me

Meditation as a prompt


I don't care to meditate;
I don't care for a trance-like state.
My head's too full of butterflies,
Which would get a very big surprise
If I ever tried to clip their wings
By thinking of transcendent things.
They simply wont fly in formation
So I'm sure that they'd hate meditation.
The act of emptying my brain
Is something from which I'll refrain.
Not that my 'butterflies' are  rare;
They simply flit about in there,
Inconsequential silly things,
But often with splendiferous wings!
Silly rhymes and mad ideas
Swoop and flutter between my ears.
They flap around inside my skull
Creating a life that's never dull.
Repeating a mantra seems to me,
The very depths of monotony.
Sleepless, I have tried counting sheep,
In order to put myself to sleep.
But I always end up playing games,
 Giving the sheep really silly names,
Or making them jump into a lake!
 By which time I am wide awake.
If that's beyond my mental powers
How could I sit for hours and hours
Thinking of nothing? No! I'd hate
To be forced to meditate.



When little boys get in your hair
(A situation hardly rare!)
Simply give them lumps of bread
And lead them to the pond instead!
Pike should be quite highly prized
For keeping 'wild things' mesmerised!


Unknown said...

This one made me giggle! I do meditate, but know of the sensations you describe. The mind has a mind of its own... and the inner world goes round and round.

Anonymous said...

these were so cute!
I too gave sheep names never jumped them into a lake but over hay bales and a relay.
yeah just terrible. lol

and for my girls when they were little it were the ducks in the pond not the fish. but the entertainment so the same. :0


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

how meditation does not fit you is eloquently shown here,

incredible and playful words.

Tigerbrite said...

Leave your prejudice behind
you will seek
and you will find.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear I'm not the only one around with a meditative disorder (as in I don't do it)! Loved your play with words! Wonderful read!

Templeton's fury said...

Rinkly this made me laugh :) thank u!

nadira said...

Cutely described...flittering butterflies or a playful monkey prancing from branch to branch...that's how our thoughts go on, refusing to be still...I know how difficult it was in the initial days of my meditation practice. :-)

Dave King said...

That's for me! Like the meditative quality you've got into it inspite of yourself!

Anonymous said...

I tell myself elaborate stories when I want to go to sleep, usually I continue them in my dreams. I find it hard to sit still too in meditation you you just observe your thoughts in passing without attaching your focus or getting caught up in them, you don't empty your mind. You just sit with whatever you are feeling and thinking.