Monday, June 6, 2011

Plan B

asks us to work on a quotation.
I don't stick to the rules but I still enjoy the challenge! Plan B?

“The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.” - James Yorke (1941- )


The most successful people
Are good at their Plan B.
They may have started out in life
Aiming for Royalty,
But, when they become the Joker,
Among average sort of folk,
They manage to give a wry grin
And even see the joke.
As children we feel powerful.
'What will you become?'
'I'm going to be a Scientist
And save the whole world, Mum.'
If he ends-up behind a counter
Doling out slimming pills,
He's hardly going to save the world
From all its many ills!
But if he can shrug his shoulders
And simply say 'Ah well.....'
And take a pride in the liniments
And creams he has to sell,
And do it all with bonhomie
And a bit of verve, I guess
He can give himself a pat on the back,
For his life is a success.
But if he broods on failure
And takes to drugs or drink,
Or goes into his private shell
With nothing to do but think
Of how things might have been better
If he'd played his cards right,
Then he'll have failed at the game of life
And he'll have lost the fight.
So, if Plan A's a non-starter,
Say 'What will be will be'
And concentrate on doing your best
With Alternative Two, Plan B.



The sleeves of books are works of art;
They play a quite tremendous part
In drawing the eye in the right direction
Instigating a close inspection.
And RED is the colour that leaps right out!
It seems to bully us and shout
'Here is something that you should read!
Here's a book that you really need!'
Is it because of 'blood', I wonder!
Is that the spell we're really under?
Do we think of pain and hurt?
Is that the reason we're alert?
And is, maybe, our leading flaw
The fact that we're 'red in tooth and claw'?
And is a peaceful lady like me
Steeped in criminality?
I really like the above design,
But is that because I think 'blood red wine'?


Jan n Jer said...

I love this. I find that if I have a plan B I am a lot happier.
So true about the color red. They say that red cars are more prone to get caught speeding then other colors. I once had a red car and I got two yep I believe it. You really do have a gift in your writing!

Brian Miller said...

i knew i forgot something...a plan B...yes i can see where that would help...enjoyed the verse, with its dose of wisdom....

think your link is busted over at one stop and not sure if this is the one you were linking or i would fix it for you...

Jarvis said...

I'm a Plan B kinda guy. haha.

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

I love having a plan b! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for joining in!