Saturday, June 18, 2011

Come on, Trevor!

published this photograph


Come out in the sunshine, Trevor!
You mustn't stay indoors.
Out here the grass is waiting
To feel your little paws.
You can try to catch a butterfly!
You can chase a wayward bee.
You can find me sitting in the sun
And climb up on my knee.
The Winter's the time for snuggling
And purring in the warm;
The time for hiding on my bed
When you hear a distant storm.
But now's the time for chasing
That long tail! Is it yours?
Come out in the sunshine, Trevor!
You mustn't stay indoors
These four lines are added at Monah's request.
Your home is a pretty pink cottage
And Monah dotes on you.
Don't be afraid of the tom-cat!
Scare him by going 'Boo!'



My heart leaps up when I behold a Saudi woman driving!
Could the Day of Deliverence finally be arriving?
For one half of humanity to be so ruled by the other!
For a sister to mean a great deal less than her father or her brother!
For  women to live in black cloth chains that obscure their lovely faces!
They deserve the liberties enjoyed by women of other races.
The Western World's not perfect; it's very far from that,
But at least we do not live in fear of a meddling bureaucrat.
If women enjoy being covered, then, of course, they should retain
The veil, for it, obviously, doesn't go against the grain.
But for those who wish to free themselves and speak their minds and drive
I hope they know we're behind them. Come on, girls! Come alive!