Saturday, June 25, 2011



asks us to use the words
'Is That All There Is?', the title of a famous song by Peggy Lee.


I'd love to say something pithy
When the time comes for me to die.
I'm frequently rehearsing
How  I want to say goodbye!
I've  always loved the last word
But will things get back-to-front?
Will I shuffle off this mortal coil
With nothing but a grunt?
I'd like to say something meaningful,
Preferably in rhyme,
But will I be shy and speechless
When it comes to the last time?
I want my words to be recorded
In some book of famous quotes
So I hope somebody's standing by
All ready to take notes.
I'd like my words to be funny,
But there wont be too much scope;
It must be hard to crack a joke
When one's abandoned hope!
But I don't think I could better
(How much pithier could I be?)
Than to wheeze and say 'Is That All There Is?'
Courtesey of Peggy Lee.


My Mother at my Daughter's wedding.


My Mother was ninety-seven and very far from strong,
But Rebecca was getting married and Mum wanted to come along.
Two nurses from the Nursing Home pushed her in a chair,
And we were so delighted to have her company there.
I bought a dress in lavender; her hair looked soft and neat,
But she couldn't see in a mirror that she looked very sweet.
Her eyes have an expression that twinkles though, by then,
She was completely blind and she would never see again.
But she looked into the camera and wished the couple well,
And though she couldn't see them no-one was able to tell.
She died only one month later, quietly, in her sleep.
And this is a portrait of her that I'm always going to keep.
Hers was a sort of courage that kept going stoically.
And I only hope that some of her has been passed down the line to me.

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jabblog said...

Two thoughtful poems here. You have plenty of words by which you will be remembered even if you can't come up with something pithy at the moment. I wouldn't worry about it;-)
Lovely memories of your mother. My mother was 97 when she died,too, another strong-minded, stoical lady.